Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Speakers and topics for 2023 will be updated here in fall 2022

The following horticultural luminaries were featured speakers at the 2020 symposium.

Emily McCoy
Gardens For Tomorrow

When you are able to balance the mayhem of time, resources and technical expertise in landscape design, you can create magical places – sustainable places of timeless beauty, places with environmental, economic and social benefits. But how can we tell if a design is effective? If it is fulfilling a purpose? If it is contributing to sustainability? Emily McCoy will explain landscape performance tools and show how they can help us measure the benefits of landscape design.

Emily McCoy, PLA, ASLA, SITES AP is a landscape architect, Associate Professor at NC State University, and researcher at Design Workshop, an international design studio spanning the fields of landscape architecture, urban design, planning, economics and engagement. The firm includes a community of designers, architects, planners, researchers, and economists, who share a deep commitment to design excellence and a holistic approach to creating places that stand the test of time.  They design for people – not just today but for future generations, striving to balance resiliency and stewardship in their work.

Ms McCoy has experience as a horticulturist and research assistant in both the design and biology fields.  She also serves on the Landscape Architecture Foundation’s Education Committee, and the Advisory Council for the Landscape Architecture Department at NC State University.  She has worked on such notable projects as the US Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington DC; Shield Ranch in Austin, Texas; Georgia Tech Living Building in Atlanta, Georgia; and the Thaden School in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Dr Michael Raupp “The Bug Guy”
Friend or Foe; Environmentally Sustainable Ways to Manage Pests

Dr Michael Raupp is known to the public as, “The Bug Guy” for good reason.  He will not only amaze us with his entomological expertise, but will explain how and why it’s important for these beasts to co-exist with the beauty in our gardens.  How are some plants able to escape from these plant-eating insects and from other enemies in the insect communities?  He will explore the factors that contribute to sustainable, natural landscape systems that have minimal dependence on man-made pesticides.  This in turn promotes the conservation and enhancement of biologically diverse environments.

 Dr Michael Raupp is a professor of Entomology and Extension Specialist at the University of Maryland.  Along with his wildly popular Bug of the Week website and You Tube episodes, he educates the public about the natural history and behavior of insects through his books, blogs, and appearances on both radio and television.

Dr Raupp has been a regular guest on National Public Radio (NPR), and as a guest bug expert on Good Morning America.  He has been featured on The National Geographic Channel, The Science Channel, PBS NewsHour, and The Dr Oz Show.

His “Bug of the Week” website (www.bugoftheweek.com) demystifies insect behavior and natural history for thousands of viewers weekly in 87 countries around the world.  His You Tube episodes (www.youtube.com/user/BugOfTheWeek) brings viewers up close to glimpse moments in the daily lives of featured antropods.  His most recent book, 26 things that Bug Me, introduces youngsters to the wonders of insects and natural history, while Managing Insect and Mites on Woody Landscape Plants is a standard for the arboricultural industry.

Dr Raupp has received numerous regional and national awards for excellence in extension programming and media communications, including the Secretary of Agriculture’s 1996 Award for Environmental Protection, the 2oo9 ESA Distinguished Achievement Award in Extension, The 2012 R.W. Harris Author’s Citation from the International Society of Arboriculture, the 2015 Maryland Board of Regents’ Award for Excellence in Public Service, ESA Eastern Branch’s 2016 L.O. Howard Award, and the 2016 Research Communicator Impact Award from the University of Maryland Division of Research.

Dr Linda Chalker Scott
Gardening in a Changing Climate

Gardeners know that the climate is changing; they can see evidence in their own gardens and landscapes.  Drier, hotter summers and unpredictable swings in weather throughout the year are challenging plant survival and soil health. This presentation will provide plant selection and management strategies that will help your plants and soils “weather the weather.”

Dr Linda Chalker-Scott has a Ph.D. in Horticulture from Oregon State University and is an ISA certified arborist. She is Washington State University’s Extension Urban Horticulturalist and an Associate Professor in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. In her position, she develops educational materials for home gardeners, certified arborists, restoration ecologists, pesticide applicators, and nursery and landscape professionals.

She is also a regular contributor and science editor for Master Gardener Magazine, a Washington-based quarterly publication that presents scientifically valid information to a popular gardening audience. Her first of many books, The Informed Gardener (2008, University of Washington Press), is an examination of some common horticultural myths and was awarded a Silver Medal of Achievement from the Garden Writers Association in 2009. She also is one of the Garden Professors, a group of academic colleagues who educate and entertain through their blog and Facebook pages.

Laurie Reid Dukes
Tree Care and Planting – From Arborist to Gardener

Are trees the new perennial?  Could they be?  Don’t dismiss these big woody perennials any more.  Laurie Reid Dukes will explain what gardeners should know about trees and why gardeners dismiss trees as an option.  she will explore caring for our tree canopy, in our neighborhoods and in our back yards.  She will discuss planting the right tree in the right place for it to grow and thrive.

Expert arborist Laurie Reid Dukes comes to us as Program Manager of the Tree Planting and Preservation Team of the City of Charlotte, NC.  She is an ISA (International Society of Aboriculture) certified arborist, and ISA TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment Qualification).  Her team works around Charlotte to determine planting locations for trees in the public right-of-way, and also works to preserve trees on development sites and around utility work.

She serves on the ISA Southern Chapter Board of Directors and is a visiting speaker at Discovery Place, Charlotte.

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