Illustration by Robin Wilgus.


March 4, 2014
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Celebrating 30 Years:
It's All About the Plants

We are still happening!  All the speakers have arrived.  No weather concellations!

    For thirty years we have had one focus at the Davidson Horticultural Symposium and that has been on the plants!  We have learned from some of the best and as we mark this special milestone, we return to the reason we garden: the joy and inspiration we feel when observing the subtleties of form, color, touch, fragrance, and history of the plants.  


    Join us as we discover rare plants that take your breath away, stalwart natives that will become the mainstays of your garden, and heritage plants that must not be forgotten. Once again you will learn from the experts, so that you walk away from the day eager for the first signs of spring and inspired to add new plants and new dimensions to your garden.


NOTICE:    The 30th Davidson Horticultural Symposium will be held only on Tuesday, March 4th at Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina. 
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