Big Ideas for Small Gardens - SOLD OUT!
As of 1/28/16, the symposium is sold out. Thanks for your interest.

Illustration by Robin Wilgus

There is something magical about a small garden that is at once inviting and mysterious. We feel drawn in to explore - to enter another world and linger over its treasures at every turn. These gardens embrace one with a sense of the personal and the intimate. This year's Davidson Horticultural Symposium will focus on design ideas and plant combinations that will help us make the most of every bit of garden space we have.

Our experts will provide creative solutions to the challenges of building gardens that can do many things: provide a place to entertain; play with the dog or kids; retreat with a good book; restore our souls; and all in a small footprint. They will illustrate how to design interesting garden spaces in the scaled-down world in which we live.